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14-May-2016 11:24

It really sucks that I can't be able to play Overwatch versus AI mode or custom match mode without internet connection.

Also in a way, this feels like it's not worth that (Origins edition, or maybe even if you just bought the regular Overwatch) to be able to play it only when an internet connection is available. almost every game for the last 2 years that released require an internet connexion to play. Even if I lost my wired, i could still use my phone and connect on the LTE for days without busting my data...

But even without the update, the Play Station 4 can play a game right out of the box. "A lot of the apps come with the day one update because they wouldn't have even been done. It's not gonna be really an optional thing." The reason for these day one patches is both companies are working on their respective system OSes right up until launch.

Sony has made sure at least games will play, but Microsoft's system seems to be keeping everything together in the dashboard.

But you may be in the clear if you have a mobile device that can connect online — that’s according to Microsoft Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer, who told Game Informer that by tethering your mobile device, gamers can “check-in” to Xbox Live and play games.

“It’s kilobytes, not megabytes,” Spencer told Game Informer of the bandwidth requirements.

Sometimes I just wanna run around and emote with my new skin, or practice combos with a new character in the practice area.

Point is, if you bothered to do any research before throwing your money at the game, you would've known it's online-only. If you need to have a game to play during an internet outage, you should probably invest some time or money into games that provide what you want. I don't think it's much to ask that the game have offline mode, or LAN mode. Really, the ability to jump into an AI match or a custom, even without LAN or any kind of human co-op, when your internet goes off, due to weather or maintenance, would be nice.

Overwatch is a very amazing online game, but haven't you ever known what happens when you have no internet connection? That's right, if you have no internet connection, they won't even let you bypass login screen!

To me, this is a HUGE downer because I have no idea why it's all relied on internet connection.

Here’s a solution for those wanting to play games on the Xbox One without an Internet connection at home: Your smartphone.

Microsoft’s newest console requires you to connect to the Internet at least once every 24 hours for games to work, so if you don’t have Internet at home, you’re basically screwed. I don't know if my Xbox 360 already supports backward compatibility (in the Xbox 360's case, the ability to play original Xbox games) for it, so I decided to update it.