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The new CNNgo series “Mostly Human With Laurie Segall” investigates the darker, ethically murky ways in which modern technology is affecting our relationships.Other stories take Segall, CNN’s senior technology correspondent, around the world, including virtual-reality therapy being used on sex offenders in a psychiatric ward in Montreal and an investigation into the life and death of ISIS hacker Junaid Hussain.They rescue the real Lucy Liu's head but find themselves pursued by an army of robotic Lucy Lius hell-bent of retrieving the head.Robot Date Night is a special, after hours, BYOB event for adults looking to put that little extra spark in their relationship.However, when Madeleine Albright is downloaded, her pupils remain round like a human.See more » Having lived for a little while in the thirty first century Fry starts to wonder why people don't get excited about all the cool future-things around them; without stopping to thank that to them the twentieth century sounds exciting.

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Robot viewing experience for many of us: Of course, with a dreambot (geddit?Only a deposit for the event is required (); you can choose and pay for your robot kit(s) on the night of the event.