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The Now8News version also includes an alleged photo of one of the half-human puppies which may appear familiar to regular readers: As we noted in a previous article debunking the spurious claim that the photo depicts a “goat-human hybrid baby” born in Alabama, the photo originated in news stories out of Malaysia reporting the birth of a goat with human-like features in April 2016.

After a few weeks of salacious speculation about the possibility that the creature was the product of sexual intercourse between an animal and a human being, tests proved that it bore no human DNA.

During that time the pair led over 500 combat patrols.

"Nobody who ever walked behind us was injured," Plumeri said.

In most cases if left untreated, the aggressive behavior will only escalate and become much worse.

Therefore it is no point just ignoring the aggressive behavior - or even worse being in denial about it.

Plumeri spoke of the unique bond between soldier and canine this Sunday at the historic Hartsdale Pet Cemetery's 20th War Dog Ceremony."I cannot thank Gulliver enough for getting me and my friends home in one piece," Pulmeri said, his voice shaking."We're here to remember the silent heroes who have dedicated their lives for the military, the police and for public service," said Cemetery Director Edward Martin Jr.

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Dog on dog aggression is a potentially serious problem for any dog, or human for that matter who is drawn into a conflict.Keep in mind that for the purpose of this article we are dealing specifically with dog to dog aggression and not aggression towards humans or other animals.